The site of Soline is located beside a bay on the southern shore of the island. A large cultivated area of grapes and olives is adjacent to the site, as it was in antiquity.


Investigations began in 2007 with a gradiometric survey and site overview, and a probe to confirm findings of the gradiometric work.


In 2008, "Building A" was cleared (left), revealing mosaic remnants and substantial mosaic foundation, as well as additions to the walls of the building and even annexes along the north wall (right).


Probes along the eastern sections of the Annexes to "Building A" uncovered construction of a possible external staircase, and probes along the west side of the freestanding wall and at its north end showed evidence of earlier construction.

Excavations in 2009 produced evidence of a series of low walls across the bay, giving significant credence to the traditional name for the site, "Soline", referring to salt works. 

From 2010 till 2018 we excavated trenches in the residential and production areas of the villa, and conducted geophysical and geographical surveys including aerial surveys with drones.

Prof. Marinko Petric (project director 2007-present), The Heritage Museum of Hvar, 
Dr. Vlasta Begovic (architect 2007-present), and Dr. Marina Ugarkovic (project director 2011-present), The Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb, 
Dr. Ivancica Schrunk (project co-leader 2007-present), The University of St. Thomas, and 
Dr. Branko Kirigin (project director 2007-2010), The Archaeological Museum in Split.